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New Targeting Methods For Reaching U.S. Hispanics

This article originally appeared on MediaPost and is an early preview of Latino Link: Building brands online with Hispanic communities and content from Paramount Books. In a recent report from Pew Hispanic Center, U.S. Hispanics represented over 50% of the U.S....

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SEO on Flickr (via Creative Commons)

My friend and fellow blogger David Berkowitz wrote a great article about how Flickr users can optimize their photos for search, connect to friends and fellow bloggers and how allowing one's photos to be used across the web under Creative Commons will drive SEO for...

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The Future of Print Media: QR Codes and Customizable Mailings

Not only was it a brutal month for the economy, but for print media as well. As October drew to a close, the Christian Science Monitor announced that it was discontinuing its daily paper edition, changing it to a weekly paper edition and publishing daily updates to...

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