Consulting Testimonials

Joe Kutchera worked with us at The Valentine on the PR, marketing and event launch for the exhibit “Nuestras Historias: Latinos in Richmond.” It was a huge success. Our attendance during the opening weekend surpassed our highest goals by 50% thanks to Joe’s dedication and hard work in reaching out to the Latino press and organizing the opening party. Thank you Joe! (We hoped to have between 200-400 people attend and we got 600+ people there for the opening weekend party.)

Sarah M. Kim

Deputy Director, The Valentine Museum

Joe Kutchera brings a wealth of experience, relationships and insights to his consulting. He’s been an invaluable advisor on our LATAM strategy and a generous and resourceful networker. I’d highly recommend him.

Patricia Lee Smith

Vice President, International of

Joe is a top-notch talented professional that produced amazing results for us at the 2014 Que Pasa Festival. His knowledge of marketing to the Hispanic community is exceptional. He knows what he is doing and gets the job done. I would highly recommend him to anybody who needs help marketing their products and services – locally, nationally, and internationally.

Michel Zajur

CEO, Virginia Hispanic Chamber

Joe recently advised my company on the redesign of our website. His knowledge of SEO was extremely helpful during the planning stages. My colleague and I were impressed with his prompt response times and consistent follow through. We expect to generate much more business from our website because of Joe’s involvement with the redesign. I would definitely recommend him to anyone requiring digital marketing, content strategy and SEO services. Thank you, Joe!

Jessica Bookout

Teahouse Music Company

Joe Kutchera has served as our “Sherpa” in guiding us through our website development and monetization plan. He put together our website revenue forecast, traffic growth projections, and online advertising sales presentation. He also helped us evaluate vendors for our website redesign, campaign management solutions, and website producers. It’s been a pleasure to work with Joe. He has been a real asset to our team.

Kevin Kilpatrick

CEO and Founder, Constru-Guia

Joe Kutchera is an asset in any given analytical situation, especially when sifting through mounds of data gleaned from many sources online. He is able to implement campaigns and strategy where none existed before while hitting deadlines that for many would be impossible and still managing to generate detailed reports.

Cokey Falkow

Director of New Media, Meritus Media for Bushnell Project

I brought Joe in to help with our online strategy shortly after being hired as general manager at I had a lot of experience running smaller, leaner online operations but the scope of Mother Jones and the variety of marketing and advertising opportunities we had was somewhat new to me. Joe was able to quickly outline a number of different paths for us – not only the basics on which ad networks or partners we might pursue, but gave us a full outline on channelization, multimedia strategy, website operations and more.

Nick Aster

Former G.M. of; Founder and Publisher of Triple Pundit

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