E-X-I-T-O℠ Workshops

The following 5-step E-X-I-T-O marketing and innovation service provides the foundation to my digital marketing workshops and keynote presentations, which often include a series of videos, discussions, and exercises during each step:



The detailed list of discussion points during each phase of the workshop is as follows:

E = Escuche – Breakout discussion on “listening”

  • Discovering your content strategy: What content do people really want? On which networks?
  • How to find influencers: Which thought leaders are “hubs” for your product?
  • Setting up your social media listening center: Which tools? (Paid, free and visualization tools
  • Defining your social response process
  • Crawling opinion-rich sites like Amazon to uncover what people buy and why.

X = eXperimente – Developing your marketing strategy using personas

  • Names, demographics, and habits of each “persona”
  • Day-in-the-life of each “persona”
  • Biggest problems to solve for Latino “personas” – and best incentives/rewards? Gamification?
  • What kind of content does your user consume most?

I = Integrate – Integrating your stories and responses across platforms

  • Do your offline, online and in-store customer service responses tell the same story?
  • What is your company’s overall “purpose” or “mission”? Is it clear to your target audience?
  • Do your customers clearly understand your mission and how you help the world?

T = Transform your audience into a community through content/storytelling

  • Push vs. Demand content trends
  • Starting a community from zero – how? Invite influencers and thought leaders?
    What will motivate your users to engage on your social media pages?
    Types of content: text, photo, and video
  • Refining your content strategy: What content do people really want?

O = Optimize – Ongoing improvement through learning what works best

  • Success metrics in content marketing
  • Benchmarks in measurement: Website, social, mobile, and word of mouth
  • Integrating outside measurement sources e.g. comScore, Quantcast, Google Trends, Google Analytics

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