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Published articles by Joe Kutchera on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, Hispanic/Latin American marketing as well as book and music reviews

Finding Common Ground
Macalester Today Alumni Magazine
Winter 2022

Let’s Support Virginia’s Latino-Owned Restaurants During Hispanic Heritage Month (And All Year Round)
Official Tourism Blog of The Commonwealth Of Virginia
September 2021

Reinvention and the spirit of youth for Monument Avenue
Richmond Times-Dispatch
September 19, 2021

An Old House Renovation in Richmond Virginia
Charles + Hudson
September 2021

International migrants day: honoring the ability to overcome adversity and live a better life
December 18, 2020

Día Internacional del Migrante: honrando la capacidad de superar la adversidad y vivir una vida mejor
December 18, 2020

Una nueva perspectiva sobre viajar: libertad, fe y riesgo
July 17, 2020

Este emprendedor arriesgó su casa y sus ahorros para lanzar un negocio por sus hijos
June 23, 2020

Alex Oana ’92 on Pursuing his Entrepreneurial Dream
St. Olaf Alumni Magazine
October 2019

Where the Music Continues after the Chicago Blues Festival
Huffington Post
June 7, 2017

Former NYC Taxi Driver Turned Entrepreneur Fosters Diversity at Milwaukee Radio Station
Huffington Post
April 6, 2017

Donde Trump ve crimen y amenazas, los emprendedores ven oportunidades
February 16, 2017

Opportunity in Mexico’s ‘Emerging Middle Class’
Huffington Post
January 19, 2017

The Total Market Approach Starts With Why
November 16, 2015

TEDx Speaker Combats INFObesity in New Book “Got Your Attention?”
Huffington Post
November 10, 2015

3 reasons to invest in Latin American mobile content
The Miami Herald
November 26, 2014

Let There Be Light: Formulating Our Renovation Plan
Charles + Hudson
September 2014

Welcome to the Richmond House: Lessons in Lighting and Feng Shui
Charles + Hudson
September 2014

The Million-Dollar Question: 4 Solutions on How to Grow E-Commerce in Latin America
March 7, 2014

A Latinized marketing model for the 21st Century
February 14, 2014

No pierdas oportunidades de ganar
December 19, 2013

Ofrece contenido útil y crea comunidades
December 6, 2013

Vende más mejorando tu presencia online
October 19, 2013

The End of the Digital Divide: Technologies of Liberation
Fox News Latino
January 25, 2013

A New Wave of Digital Entrepreneurs in Latin America
Fox News Latino
August 27, 2012

How a First-Class Latino Website Can Lead to Unexpected Sales Growth
Fox News Latino
August 27, 2012

How Not To Manage Multi-Lingual Customers
Fox News Latino
June 27, 2012

Read it: The Future of Books En Español
Fox News Latino
May 12, 2012

Latin America’s Start Ups Expand
Fox News Latino
March 30, 2012

Immigrant Entrepreneur Turns Small Business Ideas into a Success
Fox News Latino
February 29, 2012

How to “Friend” 100,000 Latinas on Facebook
Fox News Latino
February 6, 2012

Translate the Web While Learning a New Language
Huffington Post
January 6, 2012

Developing Latino Leaders to Deliver Growth
October 6, 2011

Immigrating for the American Dream
Huffington Post
September 2, 2011

Inspiring Future Writers, One Student at a Time
Huffington Post
August 21, 2011

Connecting ‘Like a Good Neighbor’ On Facebook
August 21, 2011

Viva la Musica!
April 14, 2011

Reaching the ‘New Mainstream’ Via Social Media
November 18, 2010

The New Brand Marketing = Content Online
August 26, 2010

Might Online Media Disrupt Acculturation?
February 25, 2010

Ad Networks Multiply: What’s the Difference?
January 28, 2010

Q+A: Blake Chandlee, Facebook’s Director of Sales, Europe, Middle East, Asia
OMMA Magazine and
January 5, 2010

Coke Opens Happiness Via Educational Promotion
November 25, 2009

Multicultural, Global And Mobile: Western Union
October 22, 2009

$40B In Cross-Border Latino Retail Revenue
September 24, 2009

How To Grow Your E-Commerce Business with U.S. Hispanics
July 23, 2009

Why Does Google Send U.S. Hispanics To Foreign Web Sites?
May 14, 2009

Understanding Consumers: It’s All In The ‘Cons’
April 9, 2009

Reaching U.S. Hispanics On The ‘Long Tail’ Of Country-Of-Origin Sites
February 26, 2009

Connecting Via Mobile: Speak Their ‘Edioma’
January 15, 2009

New Targeting Methods For Reaching U.S. Hispanics
December 4, 2008

How Brands Can Win in the Blogosphere
September 28, 2008

Navigate the Blogosphere’s Biggest Ad Networks
September 14, 2008

Peter Horan on Email’s Role in the Future of Advertising
August 20, 2008

John Battelle on How to Beat Google
August 1, 2008

10 experts weigh in on marketing to U.S. Hispanics
May 7, 2008

“Chicago Blues: El Alma Negra de la Ciudad” (Travel article about Chicago Blues clubs)
Life & Style Magazine Mexico
April 2008

Llega al Zócalo: Ashes and Snow” (Review of photography exhibit by Gregory Colbert)
Chilango Magazine
January 2008

10 Blogging Tips from 10 Bloggers
December 2, 2007

How Behavioral Targeting Can and Should Change the Industry
September 2, 2007

Yahoo’s CMO & Others Share Vision of Future
August 5, 2007

Spanish-Speaking Markets Cross Borders
July 5, 2007

Understanding and Managing Culture in the Business Environment of Puerto Rico
Fordham Business Review
1999, Volume 1, Number 1

“Czech Author Recounts His Forced Menial Labor” (Review of “My Golden Trades” by Ivan Klima)
The Milwaukee Journal
December 11, 1994

“At War with the Army” (Review of “The Republic of Whores: A Fragment from the Time of the Cults” by Josef Skvorecky)
The Milwaukee Journal
September 18, 1994

“The Exotic Amazon Springs to Life in Sepulveda’s Novel” (Review of “The Old Man Who Read Love Stories” by Luis Sepulveda)
The Milwaukee Sentinel
July 23, 1994

“Milwaukee Needs a Modern Vision to Recreate Past”
The Milwaukee Journal
June 19, 1994

“Magical Czech Spa Turns the Clock Back” (about Karlovy Vary)
The Milwaukee Journal
May 29, 1994

“New Kohout Novel Leaves Many of Eastern Europe’s Questions Unanswered” (Review of “I Am Snowing: The Confessions of a Woman of Prague,” by Pavel Kohout)
The Milwaukee Journal
May 1, 1994

Prague’s Velvet Evolution
Macalester Today Alumni Magazine
May 1994

“Vyšehrad: The First Czech Rock Star”
Prognosis English-Language Newspaper (Prague, Czech Republic)
November 12-25, 1993

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