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Why am I writing about this? Sharing personal stories works!


During a recent client project, I re-learned this lesson. I had the honor of helping David Morse, the CEO of the multicultural market research company New American Dimensions, with launching his new author/speaker website: DavidMorseAuthor.com.

In developing his SEO strategy and aggregating his website content, I learned that one article of his in particular proved to be his most popular: After Being With My Partner For 28 Years, I’m Getting Married In The Morning. It’s about marrying his partner, Jimmy, and how they are raising their two surrogate daughters (born in India). Moreover, David’s article explores what gay marriage means as well as the discrimination that gays and lesbians of color experience.


In conclusion, your most personal stories are your most powerful and most memorable. This is especially true when they convey personal values and how to overcome incredible obstacles, as David’s and Jimmy’s story communicates. It may seem counter-intuitive to share those with business colleagues, but it can help foster much closer and more meaningful relationships. That being said, be sure to run new ideas by your marketing teams and balance personal stories with professional ones such as marketing case studies, for example, when crafting your content plans.


Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you.

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