Since moving to Chicago, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Aaron Goldman, one of the leaders in digital marketing in the Midwest…and soon to conquer the rest of the English-speaking world with the launch of his book, Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned From Google.

Aaron is a board member of the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association as well as the founder and principal at Connectual, a digital marketing consulting and matchmaking firm that helps with practice development, recruiting, and partner sourcing. After hours, Aaron writes for MediaPost’s Search Insider column.

In the following video, as a part of his book’s blog tour, you’ll see that Aaron is not only an astute digital marketing and search consultant but also a funny and entertaining presenter…and rapper.

And just to make sure that this post is search-friendly, here are Aaron’s 20 Marketing Lessons from Google, chapter by chapter.
1. Relevancy rules
2. Tap the wisdom of crowds
3. KISS (Keep it simple stupid)
4. Mindset matters
5. Be where your audience is
6. Don’t interrupt
7. Act like content
8. Test everything
9. Track everything
10. Let the data decide
11. Brands can be answers
12. Your unique selling proposition is critical
13. Your competition is broader than you think
14. You can learn a lot from a query
15. Sex sells
16. Altruism sells
17. Show off your assets
18. The more shelf space the better
19. Make your company a great story
20. Don’t rely on search engine marketing alone

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