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Paramount Books is now offering my book Latino Link: Building Brands Online with Hispanic Communities and Content on sale for $19.95 (originally $34.95).


I recently re-read three case studies from the book that I hope you will find insightful in developing a Hispanic marketing strategy: H&R Block, Best Buy and American Family Insurance. Check out these excerpts, which show how you can develop high-quality content that builds trust and ROI among your target audience:


H&R Block’s Multicultural Marketing Manager describes about how to launch a Spanish-language website for multiple dialects, search engine optimization en español, as well as how to sell an intangible service online targeting an “unbanked” audience.

“When consumers see you as “the expert” in something, they are more likely to choose you over the competition, especially when audits, refunds, and the government are involved. When consumers find useful information in their native language, they appreciate it and will continue to use the use as a resource.”


Best Buy’s Website Manager for Hispanic Initiatives outlines how to capture growing demand for an in-language e-commerce consumer electronics experience and integrate that with excellent customer service in-store from Spanish-Speaking employees. In addition, the case study highlights how the Hispanic website superseded key performance indicators like time spent and average website purchase size relative to the English-language website results. Plus, it describes how to manage and monetize international visitors from Latin America.

“Our initial assumption was that, in order to attract and engage our customers, we would need to provide unique content and offers on the Spanish site (e.g. develop product bundles, graphics and/or experiences we thought would attract this customer). Before we did this, we wanted to validate our hypothesis. We conducted a usability study (observing people navigate and use the Spanish website), and we were surprised to find that, instead of unique content, what they adamantly wanted was an experience that was the same as the English site. Differences in offerings and even in imagery created fears of discrimination and broke down trust. Based on conversations with customers and the data we gathered, we concluded that our original hypothesis was in fact invalid for Best Buy. As a result, we shifted our efforts toward creating a unique and compelling invitation as opposed to creating unique site content.”


American Family Insurance defines how to develop a new identity for its Latino customers and how to navigate different flavors of Spanish as well as mobile marketing and optimization best practices.

“We offer interactive online tools to teach consumers who have never had exposure to insurance products. Auto insurance is a “gateway” product, and we understand that most Hispanics are price sensitive. Our call-to-action is to deliver a quote online, while offering the high touch of a local agent. This differs from some competitors who base their business model on price, with minimal local representation. This is particularly important to Latino customers who need to trust someone in a new country who not only speaks their language but also understands their cultural background.”


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