After reading Max Kalehoff’s column on MediaPost “Are Social-Media Experts Snake-Oil Salesmen?” (playing off of Business Week’s article “Beware Social Media Snake Oil”) you may wonder where the hype ends and the reality begins for social media marketing.

A few weeks back, I had the chance to see Sally Falkow of Proactive Report present “Social Media: Moving Beyond Trial and Error” at the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center. Of all of the self-proclaimed “social media experts” (e.g. snake-oil salesmen), Sally brings seriousness to the social media PR business with her ten-step process, which you can see here below her presentation from SlideShare.

Here are Sally’s 10 steps for developing social media strategy:

1. Listen
2. Share of Voice/messaging
3. Set Goals and Benchmarks
4. Find communities/bloggers that matter
5. Identify Influencers
6. Create a content strategy
7. Choose tools
8. Create and deliver content
9. Engage and facilitate conversations
10. Measure

Also, be sure to check out here social media newsroom template here at Press Feed.

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