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As a strategist and writer, Joe Kutchera advises companies on content marketing, digital PR and/or U.S. Hispanic market entry

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Panel-based vs. cookie-based user data

Interesting news yesterday in the WSJ and the Silicon Alley Insider about Google moving in on ComScore's and Nielsen's terf. With Google having their hands in Google Analytics and all of its user data from search, it's no wonder that they are offering a new product -...

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Two (Spanish) web companies to watch

During my recent trip to Spain, I got to know the executives/founders of a two interesting companies: Gonzalo Garcia and Ramon Leonato of GeoVirtual and Eduardo Arcos and Arturo Paniagua of Hipertextual. While they are under-the-radar now, I wouldn't be surprised if...

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A cell phone with a 212 area code?

This article from the Wall Street Journal last week - The Landline That Refused to Leave - reminded me of a question that many friends and colleagues ask me, "how did you get a cell phone with a 212 area code?" About 4 to 5 years ago when I moved from Manhattan to...

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