I am excited to announce the launch of my new book (in Spanish) where the author proceeds will benefit One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), the non-profit founded by Nicholas Negroponte at MIT. Hilda Garcia and I will co-author the book, describing the success stories of leading companies in Mexico and Latin America on how they effectively launched online marketing programs.

What companies do you know that have interesting marketing stories to share? We are looking for case studies in Latin America or really anywhere in the world.

“É-X-I-T-O en Marketing Digital: Su Estrategia en 5 pasos” (“Success in Digital Marketing: A Five-Step Process,” in English) spells out a process for organizations of all sizes to create impactful digital marketing communications programs:

1.    E – Escuche a su audiencia

  • Listen to your audience

2.    eXperimente como usuario, a través de “perfiles”

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the user and write your marketing plan using “personas”

3.    I – Integre su plan conversacional

  • Integrate conversations into your content marketing plan

4.    T – Transforme su audiencia en comunidades

  • Transform your target audience into a community

5.    O – Optimice y mida los resultados

  • Optimize and measure results

Editorial Patria, a division of Hachette, will publish the book and distribute it both in paper and eBook formats (Kindle, Nook, iTunes) across Latin America, Spain, and the U.S. Alonso Fernandez of Google has served as our enormously helpful assistant, writing up three insightful case studies for the book.

We are excited to feature some great stories from 3M, Banamex (Citibank) Cinépolis (the leading movie theater chain in Mexico), Google, Grupo Expansión (Time Inc), Kimberly-Clark, LG, L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, S.com.mx, Sears, Unilever, and a number of start ups from across Latin America.

Thank you in advance for your support! And please email me directly if you have any suggestions for case studies in Latin America.

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