Over this holiday week, I have had some great conversations with my parents.  Today, I asked them about their media habits growing up.  Oh what a different world we live in compared to when my folks grew up in suburban Milwaukee.  They are now 67 and 75 (and are avid Internet users).  My dad told me about how his family was one of the first to have a telephone in his neighborhood in 1939 or so.  The neighbors had to come over to his house to receive phone calls on what was called a “party line”!  My Mom’s family owned an electronics store on one of the main thoroughfares, selling TV’s, radios and record players.  All of her friends would come over to watch Howdy Doody for a half hour.  After that, the TV watching ended she told me.  Both emphasized how they spent the majority of their time outside of school playing outside with friends, not in front of a TV, computer or video game.  Amazing how media consumption has expanded exponentially compared to when they grew up.

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