What’s the difference between blogs and regular websites nowadays? It seems not much anymore. As Richard Jalichandra, the CEO of Technorati, said here “It’s getting harder and harder to define. Many mainstream media sites are adding blogs and blogging styles into their mix, many of the larger blogs are taking on features of mainstream sites and some blogs have transformed into full-blown mainstream media sites themselves with editorial staffs and business functions.”

And with so many blogs out there and the barrier to entry for starting one so low, does it pay to even start one? According to this article on Wired.com, it’s time to pull the cord on your personal blog and focus instead on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and the social networking sites. Almost two years ago, I recall Joseph Jaffe saying in his South African accent “You want to improve your career? Start blogging!” How quickly things can change. Today the answer could be “start twittering.” And with so many blogs in our RSS feeds, how can we find the time to read them all (and stay on top of the news)? I would guess that instead of pulling the plug, the more dedicated bloggers will combine forces and blog together creating super-blogs, redirecting their URL’s into one central blogging destination.

This leads to another question about blogging platforms (e.g. wordpress. Blogger, Typepad). Will they become just another way to manage content? My friend John Rozzo, who helped me develop this blog, says, “I think WordPress recognizes this trend and is deliberately evolving into a CMS [content management system].”

On the flip side, many writers may decide to keep their blog as a place to “store” all of their articles in one place online and so that their work can be easily found via search.

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