After my previous post about user-generated stock photography, my friend and fellow blogger Timothy Dahl commented about a site based in Hungary that has been around since 2001 doing the same thing as PhotoShelter: stock.xchng.


My friend John Rozzo (who helped me build this blog) also clued me in about another couple of leading services in the user-generated photo stock sector: Dreamstime and iStockPhoto and a number of user-generated services that provide vectors, or stock designs and illustrations: VectorStock and

The amount of innovation in this space is amazing.  The more I look, the more sites that I find, like the recently-launched SnapVillage (from Corbis) and Smugmug feature semi to full on professional photographers that sell/license their photos.  And in the mobile cateogy, it will be interesting to see if communities like ShoZu get into the stock photo space as the quality of mobile phone cameras improves.  All of the innovation will most likely drive up the supply of available photos and drive down average prices.  Tough time to be a photographer?  Or does it all make it easier for photographers to get into the game?

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