My friend and fellow blogger David Berkowitz wrote a great article about how Flickr users can optimize their photos for search, connect to friends and fellow bloggers and how allowing one’s photos to be used across the web under Creative Commons will drive SEO for your site.  Great points.

This reminded me of my recent post about Creative Commons and an insightful comment I received from Mark Sebastian who shares his photos using CC.  Remember, this scares a lot of photographers because it takes control (and potentially their livelihood) out of their hands.

I realize that some people “borrow” copies of my photos without attribution. It’s just something that will happen, no matter how you choose to license your photos.

But since I offer them openly, people are more likely to tell me about it rather than “steal” it without letting me know. So far, I’ve been in books/magazines across the world, been contacted by art directors, ad agencies and major global companies (Ducati!), not to mention dozens of photography blogs/sites.

Overall, my opinion is that artist (photographers) should create freely, without fear.

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