How do you share knowledge and educate an interactive sales and marketing teams? This is a key question in a business that is growing 30% or so per year. We talk about this question a lot at the IAB Mexico and especially in the education committee where we have worked toward developing the monthly newsletter, the diploma program (for professionals to take a series of weekend courses on interactive marketing), and the annual one-day conference with a number of international speakers which this year included Dave Morgan, Joseph Jaffe, and Cammie Dunaway.

As part of my job managing the interactive sales team at Time Inc Mexico, I hired two interns who are finishing up their undergraduate studies: Alonso and Daniela. This past week I was invited to hear them give their presentation to the other interns and mentors and explain how interactive advertising works. What a pleasure it was to hear their presentation and to realize that in 8 months they have become real experts. They were very thankful of me and how I incorporated them into the team. How did they learn so quickly and thoroughly?
1) Lots of reading…I gave them lots of reports, white papers, links/articles to read, and had them sign up for industry newspapers.
2) Everyone on the interactive sales and marketing team interviewed them, gave them a thumbs up, and took ownership of their training and growth.
3) Instead of making coffee and filling out expense reports, Alonso and Daniela helped us set up client meetings, wrote the presentations, managed the traffic and inventory reports, and much more.
4) Alonso worked at the IAB Mexico booth during the annual event and volunteered his time for the set-up. Daniela attended another trade conference for us during that same week and represented our interactive properties.

In the end, it was such a pleasure to work with them and I felt so proud to be a part of their growth. Daniela just started working for us full-time since she recently graduated. Alonso will graduate in 2008 and will continue working with us as an intern until he finishes.

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