As a part of my ongoing responsibilites in building the online sales team at Time Inc Mexico (Grupo Editorial Expansion), I wanted to do something more than sharing reading material and having everyone sign up for email newsletters, as described in my previous post.

Gustavo Ross who with his wife Anna founded and runs Activ@mente, one of the first interactive agencies in Mexico City, was telling me one day about the Friday afternoon sessions he has in his office. Each week they share something new they read, give a presentation, read an article together etc in order to keep learning about interactive marketing. These sessions, he said, keep his staff engaged in workin in online marketing and continually learning. What a great idea! Let’s copy that!!

So shortly thereafter, we started our monthly learning/training sessions. The sessions have been great, although not as often as we would like. Every single one has been very worthwhile…
1) Search Engine Marketing: Alonso, our intern-turned-part-time employee, gave a presentation about how he manages our Google AdWords campaigns
2) Mobil publishing/advertising: Antonio our mobile expert shared his insight into how mobile publishing, advertising, and technology platforms work
3) DoubleClick: Mariana gave a presentation about how our ad serving system works
4) Sharing technology: we each presented a system for sharing great content…, iGoogle, Enchilame (based in Mexico), Yahoo! Web, Digg, etc Very interesting. I am an active user…and I learned a lot about the other services.

Every online publishing group should get into the habit of doing this. We will grow the industry much faster if we do. Next up….learning how podcasting works.

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