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Hilda Garcia y Alonso Fernandez


How can your company utilize Facebook, Twitter, your websites, mobile phone, and social media tools to sell its products? Read this book to find out how you can develop a customized content plan that can attract your audience to your website and social platforms.

Various marketing planning methods exist such as the four 4 P’s (place, price, product, promotion) to establish marketing plans. Nevertheless, in the twenty first century we need a new model for creating successful marketing strategies that incorporates new technologies, innovation and content marketing. In addition, we need a model to reflect the rising importance of Latin America.

This book provides readers with stories which outlines his 5-step strategic marketing consulting service. In it, he explains how companies can become better storytellers and create an emotional connection with customers, thus transforming fans into a community. This acronym spells the word for “success” in Spanish: É-X-I-T-O.

E-X-I-T-O Consulting 5 steps

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All of the proceeds from Joe’s new book will benefit the non-profit One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), which provides solar-powered laptops to low-income children.


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“Welcome to the brave new world of digital marketing. If you’re a marketer in Latin America struggling with the challenge of how best to leverage the Internet to reach and influence consumers today, then this book is for you. Joe Kutchera gives you the framework you need to succeed when the most meaningful way to communicate with skeptical consumers has been forever altered by the Internet.”
– Gian Fulgoni, CEO of ComScore

“E-X-I-T-O Digital” is a must-read for anyone trying to understand and maximize their digital marketing in Latin America and with Latinos worldwide. Joe Kutchera and his co-authors are pioneers in this area and really knows how it’s done.”
– Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia and previously Founder/CEO of TACODA, Inc., acquired by AOL

“To reach and engage our consumers though a compelling story is a huge challenge nowadays. They are exposed to so many messages and different real-time media that we, as marketers, need as much help as we can get to understand and apply simple tools that will make our brands successful in this environment. This is exactly what Joe and his team achieved with the E-X-I-T-O approach. It is full of clear concepts and real life examples that make you want to apply to your brands immediately. After reading the book, Digital Marketing becomes a big opportunity to strengthen a comprehensive media plan for the years to come”
– Charles Chamouton – CMO of PepsiCo Mexico

“There is no way a business can ignore social networks. Twitter and Facebook have become the outlet for the “Wisdom of Crowds”. To their peril firms do not pay attention to the observations, complaints and suggestions of their customers. Following them is educational. It helps to design or correct processes. The author provides excellent real world examples on how a reputation can plunge because of inadequate responses. But it also illustrates how different areas of a firm must be linked in processes that communicate with each other in order to prevent chaotic responses, with different departments providing diverse responses and solutions, which confound and anger the customer. This opus is a must read for any executive interested in maintaining a loyal following and in increasing the firm’s number of clients.”
– Dr. Francisco Gil Diaz – President of Telefónica Movistar Mexico and Central America