This article in the WSJ about Yoani Sanchez, a blogger in Havana, completely blew me away.  US bloggers and Americans in general forget that freedom of speech and freedom of the press is not a given.  We are lucky to have that freedom and should foster it.  Yoani writes what she wants to say about Cuba in her blog and is taking a big risk in getting thrown in jail if her blog is discovered by the authorities.  Will Raul Castro, Fidel’s brother, continue to allow her to publish her blog?  Does his administration even know about it?  The most amazing part of her story is how she has to sneak into tourist hotels to log onto the Internet to post stories on her blog since Cuban citizens are not allowed to use the Internet.  In the meantime, the Cuban and Latin American community read her uncensored blog with great interest.  Looking ahead to China, the impact of blogging on free speech will be even more interesting as technology and politics collide there.

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