‘Tis the season for holiday celebrations…and for media companies to roll out their best of the year lists. So many interesting trend overviews that it is frankly overwhelming. Nevertheless, I was glad that I read many of them as a means of getting a 50,000 view of what is happening in the media business and in our society in general. Time’s Person of the Year: Vladimir Putin, an interesting and controversial choice, perhaps to boost readership? Wall Street Journal’s list of the best CD’s was helpful in cutting through the pop-music clutter for finding truly good music. We had a “most searched for” list at CNNExpansion.com, the business news site that I work for in Mexico, compliments of Yahoo! Nielsen’s comprehensive list of Top 10 lists covered nearly every possible media in the media business. MediaPost listed these 10 Media Trends to Watch in 2008 and 10 Things You Need to Know about Behavioral Targeting. AdAge listed these Trends to Watch in 2008. The best of all of these though came from iMediaConnections’ Best of the Year email. In it, they re-published an article – 5 Trends to Watch…or Else! – that originally ran in June of 2007. Writer Michael Tchong shares his view of the 5 consumer habits that will impact digital marketing. They include:

1) Voyeurgasm

2) Digital Lifestyle

3) Time Compression

4) Unwired

5) Generation X-tasy

Insightful (and scary) at the same time. Michael portraits America as a society obsessed with celebrities, managing more digital gadgets than ever before, pressured by time constraints, chained to our Crackberries, and overwhelmed by choice. Is this progress?

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