This past Thursday, I attended in the IAB Mexico’s annual event – IAB Conecta – and learned about Mexico´s online market and some insightful Internet trends overall. These include:
1. YouTube currently has about 300 million users globally and is growing 80% year-over-year
2. YouTube users upload 8 hours of video every 60 seconds, according to speaker Mitch Joel (my friend Pablo Slough actually corrected this statistic saying it is equal to 10 hours of video every 60 seconds, which is equal to 52,000 feature-length films per week)
3. Mexico’s online ad market grew 96% year-over-year and was worth about $100 million dollars in 2007
4. The IAB Mexico is launching its first online ad awards called Premios IAB Conecta
5. Activ@Mente, founded by Gustavo and Ana Ross here in Mexico City has expanded its network of offices to include Mexico City, Caracas (Venezuela), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile) and is looking to expand in Spain and a few other countries soon.
6. Online agency Fabrica Interactiva, founded by Rafael Jimenez, has renamed itself Substance with an innovative logo referencing the atomic table
7. 10 trillion text messages will be sent in 2008 around the world
8. Nils Muller, CEO of TrendONE in Germany, is a rock star speaker and futurist who smashed a TV on stage saying, “all of your money is stuck in this little black box.” Watch an interview of him here….

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