As 2013 begins, most smart marketers will take time to forecast the emerging trends for the year ahead and incorporate new ideas into their media and marketing plans. Digital pundits have previously predicted that “this is the year of mobile” for U.S. Hispanics, but results had not surfaced. Yet last year, that prediction finally came true.


The Interactive Advertising Bureau recently released a report with BIGinsight called the “Digital Hispanic Consumer,” which shows that when Hispanic consumers go online, they often do so via a mobile device. More Hispanics own an iPhone than the general population (27% vs. 20%), an Android (34% vs. 26%), or an iPad tablet (21% vs. 16%), according to the study.


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2013 looks even more promising. In the next six months, according to the study, Hispanics are 37% more likely than the general population to purchase a mobile device.


“This report tells an underappreciated story,” says Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics and Measurement at the IAB. “Hispanic consumers are already having a potent economic impact in the American marketplace and that they are already in the vanguard of digital media and device usage.”


“Hispanic consumers live their lives on-the-go and lean on their mobile devices accordingly,” says Pam Goodfellow, Consumer Insights Director, BIGinsight. “Brand leaders would be well-served to recognize the economic power of the Hispanic community and harness their appetite for goods, services and online content – especially via mobile devices.”


Download the complete IAB “Digital Hispanic Consumer” study here.


Dr. Felipe Korzenny, the Director of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University (FSU), reported on his blog that “Hispanics are eager users of mobile technology,” citing research from Experian Simmons.


Korzenny quoted Max Kilger, the Chief Behavioral Scientist for Experian Simmons, who showed that mobile phone usage by Hispanics nearly equals that of non-Hispanics over a 7-day period. 86% of Hispanics use mobile phones in a 7-day period whereas 89% of non-Hispanics whites do. If we break the numbers down further, the Experian Simmons study showed that 51% of Hispanics used mobile phones in a single day, 4 percentage points higher than the 47% of non-Hispanic whites.


Read the full blog post here. And download the complete Experian study of “The New American Consumer: Trends in Hispanic Consumer Demographics” here.


All in all, smart Hispanic marketers will want to consider incorporating mobile marketing into their 360-degree marketing mix.


In conclusion, we leave you with a conversation that our CEO, Roberto Orci, had with Mike Ritter, the Chief Marketing Officer, at Verizon.



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