YouTube: The new way to look for a job?

When my brother, Andrew, and I were in Madrid, sitting in front of the Reina Sofia Museum, two young women sat down next to us. As they were preparing some signs to put up nearby, they were laughing. What were they doing I asked in Spanish? Looking for a job they told me, using the following flyers with tabs that had a URL on YouTube since there were a number of advertising agencies in the neighborhood.

Evidently, Seth Godin’s blog post about “why bother having a resume” rings true in Spain. If someone wants to work in marketing/advertising, why should they market themselves like everyone else with just a resume? Why not produce a YouTube video, write an article, write a blog (some call it the 3D resume) or do something different?

Roughly translated, the poster reads “Two women with a lot of energy from Valencia seek a creative director to put them to work.”

Valencianas con mucha energia

Here is the video from YouTube – their own 30 second commercial: creative, provocative, funny and requesting a response. Side note: if you turn on the TV in Europe, every other commercial has a sexual reference or joke when compared to the US. Clearly, the Puritans all left Europe and came to the US! So, their message here (written on pad of paper) is “This is all you are going to see about sex” following their hand gestures.

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  1. Interesante. I think two American blokes were just looking for a reason to chat up some cute Spanish birds and check out their suggestive youtube vid.

  2. Ha! I had no idea that their video would be so suggestive and make a Midwesterner like me blush. Nevertheless, their original flyer made me curious and go to YouTube to check out how recent graduates are trying to get jobs.

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