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A Latinized marketing model for the 21st Century: E-X-I-T-O

E-X-I-T-O Cover

This is the first in a series of excerpts from my new book – E-X-I-T-O: Su estrategia de marketing digital en 5 pasos, now in its second printing. “Marketing is Dead” reads the headline of an article on Harvard Business Review’s blog network, a grim prognosis of […]

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Webinar: Key Trends in Hispanic Digital Marketing

ImpreMedia Webinar: Key Trends in Hispanic Digital Marketing

My co-author, Hilda Garcia, and I will present our new book tomorrow in a webinar sponsored by ImpreMedia – Key Trends in Hispanic Digital Marketing – Wednesday, February 26 at 10:00 AM PST (1pm EST). We will be presenting along with Sherrill Mane of the IAB. Sign […]

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2013: the year of Mobile for U.S. Hispanics

Farmworker cell phone

As 2013 begins, most smart marketers will take time to forecast the emerging trends for the year ahead and incorporate new ideas into their media and marketing plans. Digital pundits have previously predicted that “this is the year of mobile” for U.S. Hispanics, but results had not […]

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PepsiCo10: Identifying Innovative Start-ups (with Infographic)

pepsico10 innovation marketing

The following post is an excerpt from my forthcoming book: A Five Step Process to Digital Marketing PepsiCo launched PepsiCo10, an incubator program in Brazil, UK and the US to take a leadership position in identifying innovative digital start-ups and pairing them with its brands to execute […]

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The Power of Pinterest: Small Business Case Study of


The following case study is an excerpt from my forthcoming book: A Five Step Process to Digital Marketing. The story of exemplifies the incredible effect that optimizing a website and the digital marketing that leads people to it can have on e-commerce sales. More specifically, it highlights […]

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New Book to Support One Laptop Per Child: É-X-I-T-O en Marketing Digital


I am excited to announce the launch of my new book (in Spanish) where the author proceeds will benefit One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), the non-profit founded by Nicholas Negroponte at MIT. Hilda Garcia and I will co-author the book, describing the success stories of leading companies in […]

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How to “friend” 100,000 Latinas: A Case Study from Unilever’s Vive Mejor


This article originally appeared on If you want your company’s brands to make 100,000 “friends” on Facebook, Tatiana Hansell can show you how. As Unilever’s Multicultural Marketing Manager of personal care products, Hansell developed its Vivemejor branded content initiative for Latina women online. First, she launched […]

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Viva La Musica! Developing a music promotion for bilingual Hispanics

Entrevista con Bernardo Meza

This post originally appeared on MediaPost Engage:Hispanics. As the English speaking Latino audience grows in size and importance, how can marketers develop culturally relevant promotions for Hispanics? Bernardo Meza, Brand Manager for Wrigley Multicultural Marketing answered that question for me by describing his company’s Vive tu Música […]

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Is Latin America the new China?

Which region will provide growth for your business in 2011? Paul Gunning, the Chief Executive Officer at Tribal DDB, recently told me, “Latin America is another China” because it has “millions of consumers with rising purchasing power.” A number of recent articles support that claim: This article […]

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Reaching the “New Mainstream,” Multicultural America, via Social Media

This article originally appeared on MediaPost. Last week, the leading advertisers convened in Miami for the ANA’s annual Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference. Historically, Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American marketers have fought hard for budgets even though demographic trends point to the fact that today’s minorities will become […]

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