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P&G Critical of Facebook; Twitter Takes Down Motrin

Well here is a Catch-22 of social media.  AdAge reported that Ted McConnell, general manager-interactive marketing and innovation at P&G, questioned Facebook‘s potential as a marketing platform saying “What in heaven’s name made you think you could monetize the real estate in which somebody is breaking up […]

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The Future of Print Media: QR Codes and Customizable Mailings

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Navigating the blogosphere’s biggest ad networks

This article originally appeared on iMediaConnection. If there’s one buzzword that has spread like wildfire through the entire media business in the last five years, it is blogs. Universal McCann’s global “Power to the People” Social Media Tracker study says that “blogs are a mainstream media worldwide and […]

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Peter Horan on email’s role in the future of advertising

This article first appeared on iMediaConnection. In May, Peter Horan took the helm as the new CEO of Goodmail Systems. An industry veteran with decades of leadership experience, Horan joined the company following a 16-month stint as CEO of IAC Media and Advertising, where he oversaw big-name […]

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John Battelle on how to beat Google

This article originally appeared on iMediaConnection. John Battelle, CEO of Federated Media and author of “The Search,” chats with iMedia about Google, privacy issues and the future of digital. Since publishing his groundbreaking book “The Search” three years ago, John Battelle has shifted his attention to his […]

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New Business Models as Described by Peter Horan

A couple of weeks back at the IAB Mexico annual conference, I had the chance to hear Peter Horan, CEO of Goodmail Systems, speak about new business models in our era of “me media” as opposed to mass media. Today, consumers are their own editors and don’t […]

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10 Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube Every 60 Seconds (and other things I learned at the IAB Mexico event)

This past Thursday, I attended in the IAB Mexico’s annual event – IAB Conecta – and learned about Mexico´s online market and some insightful Internet trends overall. These include: 1. YouTube currently has about 300 million users globally and is growing 80% year-over-year 2. YouTube users upload […]

Read more – User-Generated Content Portal in Spain

During my week in Madrid, I visited Gumersindo Lafuente, the founder and director of a brilliant Spanish-language site called (or roughly “I am you” in English). Even while it provides up-to-date news and tons of helpful/interesting blurbs and links to other sites, it really excels as […]

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