Revisiting The Search by John Battelle

I am in the process of reviewing John Battelle’s book The Search and rediscovering how it stands out as a classic in a world with too many marketing books that rehash the same dribble. Check out this quote from page 249 that forecast the notion of “cloud computing.” (Remember, this book came out in 2006 before the concept was getting so much press.)

According to many leading-edge computer scientists and theorists, the Web is in the process of becoming the next great computing platform – the successor to Microsoft Windows, owned by no one but used by everyone. And the Web is also in the process of connecting to everything – be it a desktop computer, a mobile phone, an automobile, or a set of keys. Given that, the theory goes, the companies best positioned to deliver hugely scaled services over the Web platform are best positioned to win. And when it comes to hugely scaled services, nothing beats search.

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