Pros and Cons of Pan-Regional Advertising in Latam

Franklin Vargas, Director Latin American Marketing at Genius presented the pros and cons of the Panregional Media Buy from the perspective of a large IT company at Portada’s Panregional Advertising Summit in Miami. See his slide here that summarizes his conclusions. Even though he presented the pros and cons equally, many attendees did not like his presentation because it challenged the concept of pan-regional advertising, for which Miami is a hub.

1) Good fro massive reach
2) More strategy and brand control
3) More large options to explore
4) Less hassle logistically
5) Information faster and more trustful
6) Helps expand the brand

1) Doesn’t concentrate in each country’s market
2) Less negotiating power
3) Avoids business relationship with media
4) Makes it hard to make strategic decisions
5) Makes it hard to see the ROI
6) Investment is higher

What do you think?

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