On-train magazines – High-speed trains that is…

Here is something that is totally foreign to North American travelers: on-train magazines. That’s right…just like in-flight magazines but on the train. I neglected to mention on my previous post that when I took the high-speed train from Madrid to Barcelona that I read my first on-train magazine: Pasajes, which is produced by the editorial company COMFERSA here in Spain. In addition to the magazine for Renfe’s AVE (high-speed) train, they also have a magazine for their regular trains called En Punto. Will Amtrak ever come out with something like this? Or how about building up the high-speed trains in the US? Interestingly enough, the Southern Pacific Railroad came out with its own magazine in 1898 – Sunset – which is now part of Time Inc.

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  1. blogging Spain style. that is how we do it. amore the train.

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