It’s all in a (Spanglish) brand name: Bicing and Vueling

During my trip here in Spain, I have learned about two new, innovative companies based in Barcelona that use funny, Spanglish brand names. The first is Bicing (combining the word “bicicleta” or bike in Spanish with the English suffix -ing), which provides rental services for people that want to bike around the city. You sign up on their web site and once you have a card, you can “take out” one of their red bikes from one of their many bike stands around the city where you swipe your Bicing card and unlock one of the 20 or so bikes. When you arrive at your destination, look for the nearest Bicing stand and lock up your Bicing bike there. It’s a kind of Zipcar service but for bikes.

The other company is Their name combines the Spanish word for “flight,” or “vuelo,” with the English suffix -ing. You can see here from their YouTube videos that they do everything very differently compared to other low-cost airlines.

Here is a video of a launch party on one of their planes. Were they in the air? Most notable is their funny series of vignettes on YouTube of a group of their flight attendants visiting and commenting on cities that they fly to. Check out this video of the flight attendants visiting Paris set to the music from the movie Amelie…

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