High-speed train from Madrid to Barcelona

Yesterday I took the high-speed Renfe AVE train from Madrid to Barcelona. It used to take 8+ hours and now takes about 3 hours. An amazing experience. The best part of it is that instead of having to go to the airport in a taxi, wait 2-3 hours, go thru security, etc, you can show up 30 minutes or less before the train is supposed to leave, jump on the train and arrive in the center of Barcelona. Check out the video here….

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  1. Nice! Looks just like the ICE (InterCity Express) trains in Germany, Holland, and France.

  2. And the Chunnel and the TGV. America needs to get on board (no pun intended) with this. High speed NYC – DC. LA to Vegas. Milwaukee to St. Louis!

  3. I took this train from Madrid to Seville years ago…so fast! Wish trains ran this quickly in the states.

  4. we are arriving from a cruise in Barcelona on the 16th of July- we are supposed to take the AVE to Madrid- do you know the distance from the ship to the train? how long will it take and do I go by taxi or shuttle and much do they charge? Thanks!

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