Flipboard Wins “Best Hispanic Media Innovation Award” at Portada’s 8th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference

I am honored and humbled to share the news that Flipboard received the “Best Hispanic Media Innovation” Award from Portada, a leading Hispanic/Latin American trade media publication, today at its 8th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference in New York City. I have been working with Flipboard since June 2013 on its expansion into Spanish-language markets.

Thank you Portada!

Flipboard launched its U.S. Latino Content Guide in June 2014 after it saw significant audience growth and demand for Spanish-language news. Prior to the launch, nearly 15% of Flipboard’s readers in the U.S. were reading content in Spanish. That inspired the team to start curating content and building partnerships specifically for this audience. To make it easy for readers to find all this great content, Flipboard’s editorial team compiled the new U.S. Latino Content Guide with Spanish and English content.

Our content for the U.S. Latino Content Guide included:

I want to thank all of our partners and everyone who’s been supportive of our efforts. Without their support we would not have received this recognition from Portada.

Congratulations to Doctora Aliza for surpassing 10,000 readers in her magazine – En Cuerpo y Alma!!

You can find the U.S. Latino Content Guide by tapping on the menu icon, go to New & Noteworthy, scroll down and select “U.S. Latino” as your Content Guide edition, as you can see in the second image here:

En-Cuerpo-y-Alma-DoctoraAliza                  US_Latino_Picker_Portrait

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