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Blogging news around the world

Lots of insights coming out about blogging this week. Most notably, Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report came out. More on that in an upcoming post….

My friend David Berkowitz at 360i wrote two excellent articles this week:
1) Blog search stuck in Beta on MediaPost about how to improve blog search engines
2) Blog Startups and Superstars on his blog – – about notable blogging companies that he met at Blog World Expo. I am hoping to try out Lijit and Zemanta soon.

Eduardo Arcos, founder of the Spanish-language blogging network Hipertextual, launched a blogging ad network, Q, as posted on his blog.

Also, I am hoping to attend Evento Blog España in Sevilla this November to learn about what’s happening in the Spanish-language blogging world.

  • David Berkowitz

    Thanks, Joe. I do like Zemanta and Lijit, and also Apture as far as good blogging tools go. Meanwhile, it’s a good reminder to catch up on the state of the blogosphere, thanks.

  • Tara Anderson

    I’d love for you to try out Lijit soon Joe, especially since I’ve been bugging you about it since earlier this year. Perhaps the fact that you’ve posted about it means that you’re a step closer? Don’t think I’m going to forget this.

    And for additional testimonial, ask David how much I bugged him to reinstall. He finally succumbed under the pressure, but it wasn’t pretty.

    Hope all is well!

  • Barney Moran

    Hi Joe,

    Publishers Union of Bloggers currently advise Publishers hold off installing any Lijit Software on their blogs pending both Lijit’s promised upcoming transparency from Lijit concerning revenue and Lijit’s current ‘terms of use’ which gives Lijit free reign concerning use of your content once our Publishers install Lijit Software into their blog.

    Any thoughts on these critical issues for Pub’s, pass it on, all appreciate it.

    Founder, P.U.B.

  • luis rull

    It would be great to have you in EBE08
    If you need sometiong, please let me know