10 Musts for the Future of Marketing

Bob Liodice, the president of the ANA, shared these “10 Musts for the Future of Marketing” during his opening presentation at the ANA Multicultural Conference last month. It’s a good list to review as we evaluate what we accomplished in 2009 and plan our goals for 2010.

1. Marketing must become highly targeted, focused and personal
2. Marketing must build real, tangible value
3. Marketing must become more effective
4. Marketing must become more efficient
5. Marketers must find better ways to manage and measure the proliferation of media choices
6. Marketing must be indisputably socially responsible
7. Marketing must be unencumbered
8. The marketing discipline must be elevated, respected
9. The entire marketing ecosystem must be aligned
10. The marketing organization must become more professionalized (outside and inside) and more diverse

And here another tip, in video form, from Bob Liodice about how to be an effective marketer in tough times from his blog.

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